Hop Sampler Pack/Refill Kit

Hop Sampler Pack/Refill Kit
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The Hop Sampler Pack can be used to develop an appreciation for the different hops found in beer or as refill to our Beer Tasting and Hop Appreciation Kit.

Included are 13 different hops in individual labeled plastic jars with lids. Each jar contains about 1/3 of an ounce of each hop. The hop jars are shipped in a plastic bag. If you are looking for something fancier you should check out our Beer Tasting and Hop Appreciation Kit.

The 13 hops are:

1) Cascade (US)

2) Centennial (US)

3) Chinook (US)

4) Goldings (UK)

5) Hallertauer (Germany)

6) Liberty (US)

7) Northern Brewer (US)

8) Perle (Germany)

9) Saaz (Czechoslovakia)

10) Spalt (Germany)

11) Target (UK)

12) Tettnanger (US)

13) Willamette (US)


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